Transform airline disruption payments

Issue instant flight delay, compensation and operational payments directly to your passenger and staff's phones and wallets. Whether the whole flight is delayed or individual passengers have lost their baggage or been denied boarding, our global platform is built with airlines, for airlines.

Disruption solutions built with airlines, for airlines

Flight Delays

Instant meal & refreshment payments
Pay whole flight in minutes
Redeemable at all F&B retailers
Control where and when payouts are spent
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Flight Disruption

Denied boarding, lost baggage & more
Direct to passengers' phones and wallets
Instant, real-time loading and payouts
Spend globally in-store, online & ATMs
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Operational Payouts

Crew payments and Station expenses
Give crew spending money instead of cash
ATM enabled with high value loads (if needed)
Track and issue on one central platform
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How it works

Cut airline claim processing costs by c.60% in 4 easy steps

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Airline Obligations

Compensate passengers
Issue meal and transport payments
Give crew spending money

One Centralised Platform

Tailored for airlines & IROPS
Integrate with existing platforms
Rich reporting suite & easy compliance

Instant, Global Payments

Virtual cards in mobile wallets
Pre-loadable physical cards
Manage via mobile app

Positive Passenger Experience

Global retail acceptance
Avoid queues and reduce stress

Future-proof payments with our specialised airline platform


Issue Payments Instantly

Power your payment needs, anytime, anywhere. Whether at the airport, in destination, or at Head Office, your employees can issue physical or virtual cards instantly via our SwiiprX platform


Revolutionise Reporting & Stay Compliant

Say goodbye to invoice processing, messy reconciliations and fraud. Access reconciled and automated data for regulatory bodies with tailored customer insights


Save Time with Built-in IROPs Rules

As the world’s first disruption payment platform built specifically for airlines, we save you time by having the IROPs rules and regulations already built in. We also upload your airline-specific policies to make issuing simple and reporting accurate

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Transform airline disruption with Swiipr

Issue instant welfare and compensation payments to your passengers and crew via Apple and Google Pay or physical cards. Save time and money whilst staying compliant with our mobile-first travel disruption platform. Powered by Mastercard, redeemable anywhere in the world.

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Power positive passenger and crew experiences


Mobile-First Payments

Add funds directly to mobile wallets and go contactless with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Say goodbye to paper vouchers and compensate your passengers and staff instantly.


Global Retail Acceptance

Empower your passengers and crew to spend wherever they like, or add your own restrictions. Powered by the Mastercard network, redeemable worldwide at all major retailers.


Point of Problem Compensation

Minimise the pain of disruption and enhance your brand reputation by compensating disrupted passengers instantly, in real-time, at the point of disruption.

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Integrate with all your existing tools

Consolidate all of your payment data in one place
with our deep technical integration with your existing IT infrastructure. Or Plug n Play with our Digital APIs to start straight away.

Why Swiipr is the right choice for you

Future-proof your IROPs payments, enhance your brand reputation and stay compliant with the world’s first airline payment disruption platform.

About Us
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Modern Modular Architecture

Built with strength, scalability and security using MACH principles
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API-first approach

System fronted by accessible and well documented APIs for easy integration and execution
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Full chain financial transaction lifecycle

Robust backend financial processor/issuer integration and technical collaboration
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Security Focused and multi-layered protection

Multi-region cloud environment, key endpoint protection, Cyber Essentials, MES256/AES256 encryption

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Transform airline disruption payments

Save time, money and stress with instant, mobile-first payments that your passengers and staff can redeem anywhere.

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